KANA! A beer, a miracle!

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Beer Box Mysterie

The gift that keeps on giving!
Prikkel je zintuigen met 12 lekkere bieren. 
Uitgekozen en goedgekeurd door de heren van Kana.


The KANA TRIPEL is back!!! (batch #2)
A fresh blond triple flavored with Opwijk hops. 
Brewed by local hands using local products.
75CL - 7.7% Alc


A fresh blond beer flavored with Opwijk hops!

Brewed by local hands with local products!

Bronze awards at The World Beer Awards 2020 - specialty beers!


The kana 6 - pack!
6 x 33cl of heavenly pleasure!


With 4 tasty local beers!
Kana, Heldin, Horny Hornet and Secondje.

4 x 33cl of heavenly pleasure!


This one is sold out after great reception!
A limited edition of 666 bottles, 75Cl - alc: 7.7%.
A spicy and fruity aroma that leaves you wanting more!

How did this Divine barley drink come about?

On a blissful Sunday afternoon, somewhere on a terrace in the village of Opwijk. After drinking a few nice beers, Pieter, Stijn and Karel decided to start brewing together.

Together they drew up a recipe and started experimenting.
After a few tasting sessions, they decided to continue with 1 recipe and with great success!

What are we doing?

Events, Merchandising, Workshops, etc...
Beer pairing, beer tasting sessions, brewing beer, cooking with beer, beer festival, summer bar... You name it, creativity and ambition are not wasted on us!

Kana events:
Opwijks beer festival 2019 in collaboration with Nijdrop
Brewing weekend 2019
Kana Hop up shop 2019
Kana Slockdown hike 2020
Kana Drive-thru 2020
Opwijks beer festival 2020 in collaboration with Nijdrop
Summer bar 2021
Regional beer festival 2021 in collaboration with Nijdrop
Opwijks beer festival 2021 in collaboration with Nijdrop
Beer tasting session 2021

Kana received the bronze medal at the world beer awards in 2020 and was nominated in the Vlaams-Brabant tourism awards.